Innovative Professional Training Through Real World Experience

Lone Star Security & Safety Services training division specializes in security, and safety training programs including, firearms training, self-defense, tactics and communication skills.   Utilizing reality based training concepts and an active hands-on approach, our training programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses and public as well as military, law enforcement, emergency services, and security operators seeking to increase their skill sets.

Lone Star’s Defensive Tactics training courses consist primarily of non-classroom exercises that are taught using a hands-on approach to encountering real life situations.  This approach allows students to experience a dynamic environment and to literally feel the pressures and stress of our reality based scenarios.   Lessons learned here are as vivid and real as a training environment allows, giving students new skill sets to help them succeed in a hostile situation. In addition to defensive tactics training, Lone Star Security & Safety Services offers specialized classes for professionals looking to enhance their knowledge in other particular areas of expertise.

The combination of Defensive Tactics and Professional Security Training is the foundation upon which Lone Star trains its own officers for managing its own security contracts and event operations.  All of our programs have been designed with a mobile training team  concept in mind and can be provided anywhere suitable facilities are available.