Lone Star has been helping stores and restaurants achieve proactive loss prevention solutions for years. While many loss prevention services are designed to reduce current losses, Lone Star offers solutions to help prevent current and future losses while maintaining business profit margins well into the future.

Lone Star consultants and security officers are trained to recognize the threats inherent to businesses, while keeping honest customers safe and secure. In addition, retail security systems can provide ongoing surveillance of all retail areas, including employee-only sections of the store. With a proactive loss prevention and security program in place, retail owners and managers will feel confident and protected. Businesses experience the results and losses drop dramatically.

Don’t rely solely on periodic inventory audits to categorize losses and missed opportunities. Lone Star Retail Loss Prevention Services will identify merchandising problems quickly and create a plan to prevent product losses before they occur.

Lone Star provides a comprehensive range of services to assist our clients in loss prevention, including the following:

  • Experienced Retail Loss Prevention Consultants
  • Highly Trained and Dedicated Retail Loss Prevention Officers
  • Reducing Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Increasing Employee and Guest Safety and Sense of Well-being
  • Evaluating Security Risks
  • Managing Your Liability Exposure
  • Loss Prevention Audits
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Ensuring Your Property is OSHA Compliant
  • Creation and Ongoing Evaluation of Security Procedures
  • Retail Staff Safety and Security Training
  • Retail Loss Prevention Officer Training
  • Internal Investigations and Interviewing
  • Electronic Article Surveillance
  • Camera Surveillance

Our approach to retail loss prevention is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients with a comprehensive, responsive, and effective service that provides solutions for all of your business safety, security, and liability concerns.