You are now legal, but are you safe?

Whether you grow, transport or sell legal marijuana; there is a definite risk of theft, vandalism or worse. To you, your product and most importantly in the protection of your workers; there is a real threat to the overall safety of the industry. From break-ins at production sites to bricks through storefront windows, the opportunities and frequencies of transgressions are on the increase.

Lone Star Security & Safety Services has been protecting private clients and their products for years. At a time when Marijuana is a gray area for their organizations and the State of Colorado in general, Lone Star is totally focused on client requirements. Private, secure and discreet; Lone Star carries with it the full resources and experience of a bonded and insured protection agency since 1999. Lone Star is a licensed vendor by the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED).

Lone Star offers many other services in addition to daily on-site protection whether in a retail shop or in a production warehouse. In addition to skilled security officers, Lone Star has transportation services utilizing modern vehicles with officers specializing in escort service protection. We have been providing this service to hospitals, social service organizations and private clients for years. In addition, our officers are trained in the latest surveillance equipment and facilities. Lone Star can not only provide for their use but their officers can maintain and store the equipment and its information as needed.

From a highly trained and visible armed security team to socially aware security professionals interacting daily with customers and staff, Lone Star has the level of protection you need to keep you and your business safe. With regional offices and staff throughout Colorado, Lone Star believes that its services and this new industry of providing legal cannabis and cannabis infused products to the public is the perfect combination of product and protection.

We understand that with a little help from our experts you can better protect what is important to you, regardless of who you choose to protect your investments. From a comprehensive risk analysis to on-site protection services, Lone Star has everything you need to be better prepared. Lone Star is here to help. It is what we do and we do it very well.