As a leading provider of security and safety services Lone Star has proven that it has the ability to handle both the routine and the extraordinary needs of our clients with integrity and excellence.

By utilizing various types of facility surveys and risk assessments, Lone Star is able to design and implement a user specific protection management program.  This is a result of identifying the vulnerable areas within the overall operations of an organization and the specific concerns of a client. These conclusions are then formulated into measurable outcomes and specific recommendations. All findings are confidential and forwarded only to the appropriate designee.


Different uniform options are available depending on the environment and the specific job contracted.  Options to be selected may include an all black uniform with the Lone Star badge or black pants with a white ‘security’ polo shirt or an executive style dress suit, which may or may not conceal protection devices.  In certain cases an entirely unique uniform may be considered appropriate to meet the client’s  needs.


Both options are available at the discretion of the client.  Lone Star currently provides armed bailiff protection and is fully licensed and bonded for all levels of Firearm security.   Lone Star Security has the capability of training and providing officers authorized to carry firearms. This option may be added or changed at any time by the client during the lifetime of the contract.  Officers with Lone Star may also carry handcuffs, batons, spray products, and more, based on level of training and the requirements of the client.