The worth of any protection service is measured by total customer satisfaction through the overall positive experience provided by highly trained officers. Driven by the idea of deterring crime as well as preventing development of illegal or unsafe situations, a successful security program is one that effectively utilizes proven strategies that provide measurable results to you.  Exceeding expectations by providing a consistent and reliable product should be the only measure of excellence when it comes to protection.

As one of Colorado’s largest security firms, Lone Star Security & Safety Services is pledged to protect what is important to you by providing a custom security program designed to maximize protection while at the same time maintaining a positive environment.  In the development of your security and safety program, the fundamental principle is that all actions provided are designed to achieve deterrence and detection as well as reducing the overall opportunity for wrongdoing. 

Lone Star has the ability to provide premium protection tailored to your requirements and revisions.  Every Lone Star security officer is empowered to deliver a safe and secure environment for any security challenge from personal safety to location protection.  A security company’s task is to provide complete security and safety protection throughout the entire duration of the client process with the full understanding that requirements will constantly develop, change and grow.  As such, security must rely on a comprehensive, safe and effective program utilizing highly-trained officers and state-of-the-art equipment capable of responding to the appropriate level required by each individual client.

Security services provide for smooth and safe operation based on clear communication and an attitude that is friendly and helpful, firm when needed, and always respectful.  Security personnel need to be knowledgeable of situation specifics.  They need to know how and where things function so that anomalies can be identified and mitigated properly before they become an issue. 

Security personnel are the first to be seen in the morning and the last to wave goodbye at night.  They are the primary point of contact throughout the day and can mean the difference between accomplishment and frustration in moving business forward. 

As a fully licensed and bonded security company, Lone Star believes that by providing a proactive and measurable approach, it has found an effective protection formula for implementing a safe and secure environment for what is important to you.

“Security through Safety and Customer Satisfaction”