Todd DeJongTodd DeJong has been the sole owner of Lone Star Security & Safety Services since 2010 and since, oversees the entire operations of a company that is growing and diversifying every day.  Since Todd’s tenure began, Lone Star has been constantly seeking new ways to streamline business, increase innovation, and develop original ideas designed to revolutionize the industry.  Committed to education, Todd DeJong has degrees in Criminology and Sociology, Emergency Medicine as well as a Master’s Degree in Business and Entrepreneurism.

A lifelong student of leadership and relying on the core values of ‘employee empowerment’ and ‘servant leadership,’ Todd has created an environment of increased business opportunities in the areas of new technology, geographical expansion, management training, and the overall diversification of services. Focusing on building a solid team of security professionals serving the client at the highest levels of skill and integrity, Todd is able to direct his company while accomplishing his many diverse business goals.

Under Todd’s direction, Lone Star has expanded from the traditional concert and party venues to providing protection systems for facility and property operations as well.  From the vast territory of a commercial molybdenum mine, to exclusive gated communities, to becoming the first outsourced security team contracted by a 5 Star Resort Corporation, Lone Star continues on its road to excellence by design.

In spite of a busy schedule, Todd still finds time to be an active member in his church and supports a full roster of charities and non-profit organizations, including his personal favorite, Begun in 1996 while traveling with his father, Schools for the Children of the World (SCW) is operating in more than a dozen countries.