Jessica DeJongJessica DeJong has an extensive background in operational management and business   development while possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising.  She expands and completes the complex business model needed to run Lone Star Security & Safety Services.

Having come here from the largest resort company in Colorado, Jessica DeJong is experienced in tracking hundreds of projects from inception to completion, managing millions of dollars a year in transactions.  Evaluating both staff and planning development in her role as Manager of the Design Review Administration, she seamlessly coordinated applicants and board members into the comprehensive and ultimately successful development of resort communities.

The myriad of issues and concerns associated with each project were concentrated into evaluations and reports.  Managing both people and projects, Jessica became both the organizer and the problem-solver.  Jessica is credited with designing and implementing their current website, having worked extensively with Resort Technology Partners to produce a vibrant and distinctive message.

Jessica DeJong’s history of service to people as well as her proven ability in business organization provides a critical resource for Lone Star’s operation.  Skilled in the direct management of sales and service to the client, Jessica promotes product satisfaction through clear communications and the complete disposition of all technical information vital to continuing customer relations and the overall success of Lone Star Security & Safety Services.