Candie SchmidtAs Director of Human Resources, Candice Schmidt is an integral part of the overall   success of Lone Star Security & Safety.  Responsible for coordination and communication of all business functions, Candie is truly the “voice of Lone Star,” and can be found on the other end of the phone most days.  With depth of knowledge and proven insight, Candie serves as a critical component when it comes to hiring and  placement of all employees. One of her primary roles is assisting in account management and contract assessment for clients.

Candie can be found in the office working on scheduling, payroll processing, and attending various meetings with senior management.  Outside the office, Ms. Schmidt is known as a highly effective Events Supervisor having earned certifications in CPR, First Aid, and AED.  In addition, Candie is certified and experienced in TIPS, alcohol    awareness, TASER, NRA Pistol and Rifle Certifications as well as Pressure Point Control Tactics and Incident Command making her Bravo certified.

Educated in the detailed world of retail management, Candie brings a depth of knowledge to client relations. Her specific skills in the areas of marketing and sales function as an extremely effective liaison between Lone Star’s employees and its management team.  As an essential part of this organization, Candie relies on a positive and enthusiastic attitude to inspire and motivate others while solving problems, coaching personnel, or simply presenting an appropriate point of view.  Candie can be counted on to deliver the very best, whether to the many employees of Lone Star Security & Safety Services or to the numerous clients satisfied every day.