Brent Slaughter is a former United States Marine who has realized a high level of professional achievement in various management and leadership roles throughout his military and civilian career. With over 23 years of collective military, law enforcement and defense related experience; Brent has developed a unique skill-base that has brought great success to his teams worldwide.

Two combat tours, as well as various other operations around the globe have allowed Brent to develop a keen sense of awareness and the ability to exhibit poise under pressure. As member of the Marine Corps’ elite Force Reconnaissance Company, Mr. Slaughter learned to approach challenges in an unconventional manner, making the most of the resources provided in order to achieve the many critical tasks of a mission.

As an International Defense Consultant, Brent coordinated between private and public organizations as well as United States and foreign governmental agencies. In addition, Brent has trained numerous US military and allied defense forces, law enforcement officers and civilians on weapons manipulation and applications, offensive and defensive tactics, survival skills, hand-to-hand combat and security practices, as well as various preventative techniques.

As the Chief Operations Officer for The 5D Shield, Mr. Slaughter oversees all operations associated with providing the finest in security and safety services for our clients. From event security, site and personal protection, to specialized training and instructional classes; Brent Slaughter brings his experience, as well as 5D’s extensive list of resources, to meet the ever evolving challenges and requirements of our clients.