Since 1999, Lone Star’s involvement in security services has been instrumental in developing exceptional customer service aimed at creating long term relationships in support of our clients and the communities we serve rather than just the opportunity to do business.  By providing the finest in professional security and safety services one client at a time, Lone Star has built a strong and enduring reputation. 

Lone Star bases their company philosophy on the principal that security is a client centered service business focusing on customer satisfaction through individualized attention and exceeding expectations.  From personal protection, property and facility safeguards to risk management, community safety and event security, Lone Star delivers protection services for basic, specialized and individualized security demands.  

Lone Star’s experience is reflected in the services we provide.  Whether it is administering the safety and protection requirements for the oil and gas fields of Grand Junction’s central valley, security various mining sites tucked into the Rockies, providing armed guards for municipal courts, or supplying officers for the hundreds of resort special events; Lone Star provides the needed skills and knowledge expected from a customer driven, service oriented security and safety company.  Our understanding of the critical issues surrounding the protection of hospitals, churches, schools, hotels, construction sites, and businesses has given Lone Star’s team the ability to provide our clients a premium product at a cost conscious price.